12 Rules in Handing Phones and Tablets to Kids

Children these days are attracted to technological devices, particularly PC tablets and mobile phones. These are like the new toys for them, and parents don’t have much problem giving them their wants.

The evolution of Internet, social networks, and apps provides entertainment, education, and pleasure to kids. This is the generation wherein some stuffs are easy as clicking the button of a mouse or touching a screen. There are kids below 12 years who have already Facebook account. Some as little as 3 year old can take photos from a phone’s camera. And lots of them didn’t need their parents’ instructions on how to use them. They operate phones and computers theirselves! That’s how smart kids are nowadays in terms of the use of these gadgets.

As a parent, I don’t think there is wrong in letting them use such things. But it is not right if there is no limit or rule at all. Every mother and father must still be cautious and strict when it comes to this. Plus, the 1-week no use of computers or phones can be a very effective way to discipline them or ground them for some negative things they have done.

If you do not know how to start making rules in using tablets, phones, video games, and other technological devices to kids, here is a list to adopt.

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1. Play Games after Homework or Chores are Completed

Games to play on their tablets, computers, video games, or phones should be only approved when they finish doing their chores or assignments. Never let them use any thing for playing first before the most important ones. It should be a reward for them for completing those tasks.

2. Sharing Usernames and Passwords with Parents

Do not allow young kids to keep their usernames and passwords to themselves. Every profile they make must be a joint account. It means you have the right to check it also just to make sure they do not do anything stupid or naughty with it.

3. No Sharing of Personal Details

While you may let your kids have their own Facebook, Twittter, and other social networking sites, ensure they do not give important personal information. Their mobile phone number, your house address, and complete name must not be publicly displayed to any Internet sites.

4. No Bringing of Tablets or Video Games at School

It is not only a distraction to your kids’ focus to study, but also a reason for them to get detained. They can bring a mobile phone but must be only used for emergency cases and during break time.

5. No Using of Phones and Tablets during Dinner

Another time wherein gadgets are not allowed to bring or use is when you meet at the table for dinner, or even lunch. Remember this is one way for the rest of your family meet and just talk.

6. No Downloading or Buying Online without the Permission or Approval of Parents

Kids may be easily tempted to download apps, buy a full version of a particular program, or shop online. Whatever they may want or need, parents should always know it. Then, they can only do so if you approve or let them. If not, they still need to follow you, or else no more computer.

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7. Switch Off Phones and Computers during Bedtime

If you allow your kids to keep their gadgets in their bedrooms, they must be turned off. Otherwise, you confiscate them at night and just give them again the next time they use them.

8. No Taking of Pictures of Videos that are Explicit

Both tablets and mobile phones have cameras. You must tell your children to use them properly. It must not be used to tease, embarrass, block, or offend anybody.

9. No Watching of Porn or Visiting Porn Sites

One thing parents must be really careful about is porn. This is easy to access as it is free to download on the Internet. You can install a program that blocks these sites.

No Playing of Violent GamesImage Source: vr-zone

10. No Playing of Violent Games

The games or apps used by kids should be educational and not violent. There are some that are too extreme, such as war games and crimes. Others have the goal to destroy or steal. Young people should not be encouraged or exposed to these kinds of things. It will mark into their minds that they are alright to do.

11. No Calling or Texting Strangers

The contact list of your children’s phone must only contain the people they know and you know. Do not let them communicate with random people. The same thing applies to their social network accounts.

12. No Cussing or Posting Inappropriate Stuff on Social Networks

It is also not advisable to let your kids say anything they want to say online. They must keep everything in proper.


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