10 Things that Make Your Baby Eat

Do you find it difficult to feed your baby at most times? Is there a time where your infant just does not want to eat and keep crying instead? Here is the rescue you need! The following are ways on how you can motivate your baby girl or boy to eat their food.

1. Prepare the Food Your Baby Usually Wants

Never give something to your baby that he or she doesn’t want. You will likely fail to feed your child in that case. It is better that you know what your kid wants and that’s what you have to cook or prepare. But ensure it is not always the same foods, since children can get fed up by them.

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2. Use an Eye-Catching Eating Utensil

Babies and toddlers might find it fun to eat. They cannot yet understand the importance of eating in relation to their health, growth, and development. But they are always interested in pleasure, fun, and colors. It is best that you give them a bowl that has some characters in it, such as animals, cartoon heroes, flowers, balls, and shapes. There are many utensils for kids that are creatively designed just for them. When you present something like that, they will be encouraged to eat more.

3. Let Them Feed Themselves

If your baby can already hold spoon, let him or her eat by herself. Sometimes, kids want to do things on their own. While you can sit down next to them to give supervision, letting kids eat is one way to make them get fed.

4. Notify that It is Eating Time

Infants and toddlers have no conscious in terms of time. But they can naturally determine a routine. Remember that young kids, such as those who age 0 to 2, cannot voice you that they are hungry. You can just know if they are hungry by the way they act, especially when they become grumpy. As a parent, you need to know the usual times they get hungry. Keep that as a routine for meal time. Normally, they eat earlier than teens and adults. That said, you have to be aware of that.

5. Have Your Baby’s Meal at a Nice Environment

The dining room is always the best place to feed your baby. Set the big chair where you put your child, have the bib hanged around their neck, and put the good looking food on the table. Make sure it is not warm or too cold in the room. You have to keep your baby feel comfortable when eating. Otherwise, it would be hard for him or her to enjoy the meal.

Chat while Keeping Your Baby EatsImage Source: babycenter

6. Chat while Keeping Your Baby Eats

While your baby is eating, you need to talk and entertain him or her. Kids find this amusing, which may end up seeing them smiling, laughing, and giggling. It is one way to enjoy their meal time. This can lead them to eat more, and, more importantly, finish their food.

7. Sing a Song

It would be also nice to entertain your baby with music. Sing a kiddie song that he or she likes to hear. There may be a favorite song your kid dances into. You can sing as you spoon amount of food.

8. Eat with Your Baby

There is natural attraction to eat food when the other person in the room is doing the same. Kids may wonder why they are the only ones eating, and their mommy isn’t. It may turn out to be something only children or babies can do. So, to ensure that eating is just a normal habit, why not do the same as well. When you eat with your baby, show him or her that you enjoy what you are taking. That can help motivate your kid to also like the food on his or her bowl.

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9. Keep Things that Can be Distracting

Toys, books, TV, radio, phone, and tablets are some of the things that attract kids, even babies. You need to get rid of these when making your baby eat. You must not put anything on the table or around the surrounding that can distract your child from eating.

10. Provide Water, Milk, or Juice

Depending on the age of your child, water, juice, or milk is essential to give for your baby. This helps swallow and digest food that he or she is eating. You need to keep a cup of drink to make the meal time more convenient.

Kids have the tendency to say “no more” to the food they are eating. That is basically normal, which means they are already full. Do not force them to eat more if they do not want it anymore. However, if they try not to eat during the first spooning, that’s when you persist to feed them. And when that happens, just try doing the ten things discussed above.


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