10 Great Rewards to Give to Children for Doing House Chores

Kids have responsibilities at home but they must not think as they have no choice. To give them encouragement, it will be nice to reward them after accomplishing such chores. You do not have to spend a large amount of money for this. With that said, here are ideal rewards that you can hand out to your children.

1. Playing as Action Heroes

Every child has their own favorite super hero from a comic book or cartoon character. If your kid has his favorite hero, too, then you have to reward him with something related to his. Playing along with your children in costumes will be a fun idea. This does not only make your child feel happy but also a way for you to spend some quality time with your kid.

2. Visiting their Favorite Place

There are many places where children wish and love to go to. This is another opportunity for you to have a special bond with your children. You can take them in an amusement park, public playground, mall and anywhere considered a happy place for your kids.

3. Buying Toys

Toys are great rewards for children, regardless of the ages and gender. You can absolutely make them smile if you hand them out toys, especially is their favorite. But be sure that the each and every toy that you purchase is ideal for their ages as well as appropriate enough. This means it must not be pointy or toxic that can cause danger.

4. Baking Good Treats

It is also a fun way to reward your kids with delicious baked goods. It is much better that you provide them some baked treats in colorful designs and various shapes. Perhaps, you like to make their favorite cartoon character shaped cookies. Who would not want cupcakes, brownies, biscuits, muffins and cake pops?

5. Riding a Bicycle

Both boys and girls do love to ride on a bike, especially if they are with their parents. After helping you out in washing your car, take your kids with you in a nearest park or playground for a bike ride. The rest of you will surely enjoy each other’s company.

6. Shopping Some New Clothes

Clothes are also a good item to get as rewards for kids for doing household chores. You can buy a new pair of trousers for your boys or dresses for girls. Even kids do like to have new clothes.

7. Fishing in the Lake or River

Fishing is a fantastic way to create childhood memories to your kids. This should be also a good reward to give to them, especially to boys. Riding on a small boat to fish can make them smile and feel excited.

8. Swimming in the Beach

Swimming is another fun and enjoyable reward for your children. You can promise them a beach swimming treat after your children have mowed the lawn. Just go to one of the best beaches nearby your place.

9. Giving Them New Gadgets

Electronic toys are rampant these days, and these are not new to kids anymore. If worth giving, why not use a tablet, an iPod, an XBox or a PSP game to your kids. So, ask them what they want that you can buy for them after completing chores. This will help them do other house chores as well. It will be a great deal for the both of you.

10. Handing Out Coins

Teaching your kids to save money is one of the most important things you must do as parents. While they do chores at home, helping them save some money is a nice reward. Give them a piggy bank and insert coins whenever they do or finish a task, like cleaning their room or washing the dishes. With the money saved up, they can buy whatever they want.

You can certainly reward your kids for doing a job well done with the chores you assign to them. No matter how big or small the chores are, kids deserve a treat. Make sure you use the suggested rewards as listed above for your children. Doing this must not to spoil them and let them expect to get something in return if they have to do things for you, but rather know the importance of helping out as part of the family team.


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