10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Magic happens in bed if you are in a serious relationship with someone. Whether you are married or not, expecting a child or not, early symptoms of pregnancy must not freak you out. Instead, you have to be keen and observant so you know if you need to be more careful regarding your health and body. Here are ten of the common signs that may indicate you are probably carrying your first baby.

1. Sore and Heavy Breasts

Feeling your breasts to be heavy and tender usually an indication that you will have menstrual period soon. The problem is that it is too soon or too late. It can only mean one thing, pregnancy. You will notice the areolas become darker and veins around the breasts are more visible. This can cause discomfort, so you may need to change bra and wear something that is more comfortable.

2. Fatigue

Increasing hormones in a woman’s body is a result of pregnancy. This makes you feel easily tired, even if you just took a nap some hours ago. It is a condition that is more frequent during the first trimester.

3. Vomiting and Nausea

It is common to most women that vomiting out of the blue is a sure sign of pregnancy. Well, do not think twice if this just happens to you more than one time. Let’s say you have already suspected about being conceived, but you do not want to experience the same again, over and over. What you must do is to just eat foods that you like the most, and yet, they should be healthy.

4. Shortness of Breath

You and your friends go to the mall to wind up or just to catch up. Within an hour or less of walking from one store to another, you start to feel tired as if you are running out of air. Be in the know that you are probably pregnant already!

5. Headaches, Dizziness and Fainting

Another common and expected symptom of pregnancy is headache, or frequent dizziness. This is basically a result of the hormonal change in the body. Some women may need medication to relieve headache, so do not just take it for granted that it is a simple condition. Whatever you are doing, it has to be stopped when you feel like fainting and start to become dizzy.

6. Frequent Use of the Bathroom – Urination

You notice to go to the bathroom back and forth, especially at night. As pregnant, this is normal because you produce more and additional fluids in your body. You definitely need to release that out once your bladder is full.

7. Back Pain

For the last 2 days or 24 hours, you are pretty sure you haven’t done anything heavy or tiring. However, you start to feel some aches in your lower back. This is another sign that you might be positive of pregnancy.

8. Craving of Particular Foods

Sushi hasn’t been familiar to your taste, but suddenly you want to eat some. Once foods become more specific, it is a sure indication of having a fetus growing in your womb.

9. Mood Swings and Smell Sensitivity

Aside from food issues, smell of things can easily irritate you. Even if it is not about a bad aroma, once you feel a bit more sensitive on small things, it is a normal circumstance of being pregnant. Your husband may have randomly said you seem to gain weight, but then you react as if you are guilty of sneaking in the refrigerator every night. Mood swings are not just common during menstruation, but also without it.

10. Late Menstrual Period

Speaking of menstruation, if you think you are late, it is possible that because you are already having a child. This must be another clue that encourages you to take a medical checkup or a quick pregnancy test.

If you start to feel most of these symptoms, there is a high potential that you are going to celebrate soon! It must be a condition that makes you smile, because a baby is a precious gift, whether you have not expected or planned it. Whenever these signs occur more frequently, do not hesitate to confirm it with a doctor.


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