10 Common Baby Shower Gifts

Certain things are given to soon-to-be mothers during the baby shower party. These are not usually intended for the expecting mothers, but for their unborn child. Although, visitors invited to the celebration can still give something for the mom.

1. Something Comfortable and Cozy

Most of the popular baby shower gifts are personal items for babies that provide their needs to remain comfortable. There is the blanket and beddings that are basically soft giving nice touch to the delicate skin of a baby. It is used for convenient sleeping and additional warmth. Blankets can be embroidered or hand knitted. You can absolutely customize the baby’s blanket to stitch his or her first name or baby related phrases, such as “I love Mommy” and “I am Papa’s girl”.

Clothes are other essential basic needs of any baby. You can buy and fold shirts, pajamas and underwear that are 100% made of cotton. Infant clothing is so cute that makes a baby more adorable. Be sure that you know the gender of the baby when shopping clothes.

2. Something Convenient for Both Parents and the Baby

Other items are intended to benefit not only the baby but also the parents. Diapers are necessary and this particular item is one of the most used. It takes more than 5 diapers a day to consume. You may want to give the mother and her baby a 1-month 3-month or 6-month supply of nappies. It is best to make a nappy cake, which is tied diapers in ribbons or laces that look like a cake. You can also add the packs of nappies with baby wipes. But to make it look more presentable, decorate the top part with some small stuffed toys.

It is also common to use a baby carrier and a car seat. Everybody is a winner when it comes to this. The mother or the father can easy transport and travel with their baby using either of these modern equipment. They are also both utilized at home whenever the parents have to do with the chores or some paperwork.

3. Something Edible

Baby foods and milk are also necessary for any infant. Guests of a baby shower can pack soft foods that are made for babies as well as milk. You may have to add bottles and containers for milk and water.

4. Something Technologically Advanced

There are also new items that are designed in a way that can assist parents. There is the baby monitor that helps the mother and the father keep an eye on their infant while he or she is asleep. Most baby monitors have great features that alarm parents. If you are planning to get one, better check the features.

5. Something Warm

Other than clothes and beddings, babies also need to wear additional accessories, especially when the temperature is cold. Gloves, socks and shoes are certainly necessary. These do not only protect the baby from cold climate, but also against insect bites like mosquitoes.

A hat is one other important accessory. You can go out with a baby wearing hat for further protection against the UV ray of the sun, and also rain.

6. Something Entertaining

Toys are exclusively made for kids, and why not give some that infants can play. Whatever you choose, it must be BPA free, non-toxic and large enough. Babies tend to put things in their mouth and it’s won’t be a good idea if they are playing with small toys that can possibly make them choked.

7. Something Educational

Books, CDs and DVDs for children are usually both entertaining and educational. You can also give the mother some of these that they can teach to their young. It must not be forgotten that children’s stories, songs and cartoon shows can make sweet childhood memories.

8. Something Sentimental

You may have a biological connection with the mother, so that makes you a relative of the baby. If you are a friend, you may probably be thinking of giving a personal gift. That should make you prepare items that can be passed down, like a necklace, a book, and anything that can be cherished for a very long time.

9. Something Colorful

Other items ideal for baby shower gifts are in a display and decoration form. You can pack a glow-in-the-dark set that the mother can mount on the ceiling of the baby’s nursery room. You can also give cans of non-toxic and eco-friendly paint for the new room of the baby. This should be a good baby shower gift by an invited guest.

10. Something for the Mom

You also consider giving something for the mother. The special occasion is not entirely for the baby, but for her also as she begins a new phase or endeavor of her life. You can make her smile with spa coupons and beauty salon gift certificates. Gift vouchers are still an in these days.

There you have the most commonly picked and shopped gifts for a special occasion that a mother can truly cherish as she waits on the arrival of her baby. If you are invited to attend to this wonderful event, make it a privilege and honor to be a part of it. That said, do not forget to give something for the baby and her mother. Regardless of what you choose, it is always the thought and love that count.

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