How to Throw a Baby Shower Party

It’s only several months to wait before your dream baby finally arrives. As you wait for a beautiful baby girl or cute little boy, why not start planning a baby shower party! Whether it’s the first baby you and your husband will have or not, a baby shower is something you need to give as a way to cherish a new member in your family.

Choose a Baby Shower Theme

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What’s interesting about baby shower is that there are plenty of themes to select from. You can choose from any of the common traditional and modern themes, or invent one yourself. Most of the themes are cute, fun and lively, which include cartoon or Walt Disney characters, the famous Teddy Bears, and Bible-based concept. When you select a theme, everything that must be prepared is easier to do. That’s one purpose why you need to have a theme for this wonderful occasion.

Create a Guest List

The next thing to do is to determine who to invite. As usual, family members, close relatives and friends cannot be missed on the list. Those who are living nearby or can make it are easy to invite, but those who have to fly out or have busy schedules, it’s important to notify them as soon as possible. You may informally invite and confirm them if they can attend, before you hand or send them out the invitations.

Send Invitations

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Once all names of guests to invite are listed down, prepare the invitations. Whether they are customized or ordered from a printing store, the invitations must be based on the theme. They need to look cute and attractive. The most important is to label each and every invitation the name of parents and the expected baby, which implies that you make and send invitations once you are sure of the gender of your child. Other essential things to include on the invitation cards are the date, time and venue, so have the right day and perfect location chosen before then.

Pick a Menu and Favors

Food is certainly offered at this kind of fun party. It does not have to be very formal with many courses presented on the table. Plus, you can prefer to have snacks instead of full meals, but be sure to select the right time. The kind of foods and beverages to offer should be also children-based. This also means avoid serving cocktails, punch, and other alcoholic beverages. The appearance must be looking lovely, colorful and exciting as well. Do not forget to offer some favors your guests can take home, along with personalized baby shower tokens as remembrance and symbol of appreciation.

Select Decorations

What makes the party complete is the decorations. The theme is mostly presented through every item displayed and hanged in the room, regardless of the venue you choose. This aspect of planning the baby shower must not be overlooked. Remember to balance everything so it won’t look as if there are too many decorations around or things are not in place.

Conduct a Few Games

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You can assign somebody to initiate games, but as a mother, you have the freedom to choose the kind of games to play by your guests. Other than what you can offer to your guests, you may also ask some of your friends who can offer surprise games for you. The games to play have to be related with the baby shower or mother and baby relationship. Of course, give some prizes to winners, but they need to be customized items to have them as tokens to keep.

Remember that a baby shower does not have to be a very expensive event. As long as it is fun, no matter how simple it is, everyone is going to have a piece of memory about your baby’s shower party that may last forever.


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